Highland-Clarksburg Hospital Staff Promote Wellness at Harrison County Summer Parks Program
Children sit with Heidi the Highland Bear at the Summer Parks Program.

Highland-Clarksburg Hospital Staff Promote Wellness at Harrison County Summer Parks Program

Clarksburg, WV — June 20, 2017: Highland-Clarksburg Hospital’s “Heidi the Highland Bear” along with hospital staff promoted wellness at the Harrison County Parks and Recreation sponsored Summer Parks Program on June 20.

Kimberly Downey, Reba Knicely and Brianna Hardman, all staff members of the Children’s Unit Therapy Department, guided activities with the children. “Heidi” handed out hugs, high-fives and lollipops prior to the activities. Activities included a thumb ball game, mindful eating exercise using raisins, guided imagery and a water balloon battle.

The thumb ball activity is an icebreaker that involves a ball with questions written on it. Once the ball was caught, the participant would answer the question their thumb landed on. Mindful eating encouraged the children to focus on their eating and becoming aware of hunger. The guided imagery script taught the children about relaxation and mental safe places. The water balloon toss was a fun way to end the program.

“It’s wonderful to reach out to the community by supporting the children and youth activities like the Harrison County Summer Recreation Program. Highland-Clarksburg Hospital is very motivated to increase positive mental health awareness and make a difference for others,” said Shannon Putnam, Marketing Director for the hospital. “It’s important for people to understand what we do at Highland-Clarksburg Hospital and how important mental health is to your overall well-being.”

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